Principal's Desk

The world is progressing at very fast pace. New latest technology promises to lead us to a disease free and a trouble free world. But at the same time, there is a tough competition for jobs, for resources, for survival.
Survival of the fittest and homeostasis stand correct for the present times. You must seek for the hidden potentials, you possess. Let your talent be out. Try to create a balance between curricular and extra curricula activities.

The world is mad after money and materialism. Earn, but not burn your values for the same. Contentment and faith in God make our life wholesome and fulfilling. Try to create a balance between spiritualism and materialism. Because this is how, rather this is only how true success ------ success in true sense of the world can be achieved.
Hope fully through, we could guide adolescents to not only copy successfully with their today, but also evolving into responsible adults of tomorrow.

          “ Trust no future, how ever brilliant,  Let, bygones, be bygones,
Act, act in the living present, heart with in and God over head”.


Ms. Shalini Mishra
Principal - vds convent school

manager's Desk


VDS CONVENT School is running from 2006. Our prime goal, right from the beginning, has been to bring out the best of the human potential in each child and thus to promote excellence through value based education with a relevant and continuously updated curriculum and modern tech aided- teaching methodology. The children of today are the future hope of any country and developing and nurturing them is a step in the right direction. The school management is committed to the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the school with single mined devotion. No effort will be spared in adding to or updating, the infrastructure and inducting the fast changing educational technology, in helping to enhance the competence of the teaching faculty, so that the pupils may stand to benefit all times.
In order to achieve the above goal, our school has already undertaken following steps:-

  1. Self defense training for all girls.
  2. Meditation and laughter therapy have become a part of the morning assembly in order to manage and relieve stress in daily life.
  3. Sports and games are an integral part of our school as healthy mind can reside only in healthy body.
  4.  In our school all the students are encouraged to participate in cultural activities of all kinds.
  5. Various activities of eco-club are taken from time to time. Various issues like consumer awareness, health and hygiene are discussed.
  6. Exposure of students by close interaction with each other, practical learning by watching all the activities minutely help them in building confidence, becoming independent and developing a sense of appreciating nature. The realty of travel is yearning for discovery. Trips to various places are organized yearly.

We are looking forward to lighting a lamp that will illuminate the whole world with its wisdom, creating a part of learning that will never dry up, and painting a canvas that will portray the world in its sublime grandeur.

“ If you want to win a race
Never lost your dignity and grace
Judge working hard plays a leading role with new zeal strive on the field and one day you will win the Shield”



Mr K K Shukla
Manager - vds convent school


NURSERY 8.00 AM TO 12.30 PM
LKG 8.00 AM TO 12.45 PM
UKG 8.00 AM TO 1.00 PM
Meeting Time (Principal/ Manager)
10.00 AM TO 12.00 PM